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When you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, you need an attorney with experience in criminal defense. The Law Office of Jane Lane, P.C. represent clients facing any type of misdemeanor or felony charge, including those listed below.

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DWIs  Driving while intoxicated is a dangerous act that puts others at risk. Due to the nature of the crime, subsequent offenses are penalized more severely, making it of utmost importance to keep a conviction off your record.

Drug Offenses – Drug offenses carry a wide range of penalties, depending on the type and quantity of drugs in your possession, and what police and prosecutors believe was your intent with those substances. Don’t let them decide the nature of your crime for you. Your attorney will listen to your side of the arrest, and ensure simple possession doesn’t turn into a more serious charge.

Assaults and Aggravated Crimes – Bringing physical harm to another person may be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony, depending upon the severity and circumstances of the assault. By starting your defense early, you give your attorney a chance to get to the bottom of the charge brought against you, helping to ensure you get the most reasonable charge.

Bond Reductions – Bail is based on many factors, including the severity of a crime and a defendant’s financial means. In spite of this, bail is frequently set at levels defendants can’t reasonably afford. When you feel your bail is unreasonable, and can provide a valid argument as to why, you may be able to get a bond reduction from the court to lower your bail to an amount you can afford.

Revocation/Adjudication – When you are facing the possible revocation or abjudication of your probation, you cannot wait for the judge to make a decision. Whether you made a mistake or not, you need to start working with the court on a way to make amends and meet the terms of your probation right away.

Juvenile Criminal Process  If your child has been arrested, barring unusual circumstances, he or she will face trial in the juvenile justice system. While the juvenile criminal process is similar to that of the criminal courts, it is not the same, and your child needs an attorney with experience in juvenile criminal matters.

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